Store your bags/luggage in local hotels & shops

#3 Product of the WeekFebruary 05, 2019

Find a place to leave your bags & luggage anywhere in the city! Bounce has hundreds of locations and offers fully insured storage for just $6 per day. Live now in San Francisco, NYC & more.

Key features:

🏪24/7 locations

🔒Secured & insured

📞24/7 support

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Hi Product Hunt! ✌️ I’m Cody, one of the founders of Bounce. Thank you @Kevin for hunting us! — Bounce is an app that lets you find a place to leave your bags or luggage when you’re on the go. We have hundreds of locations with San Francisco and New York being our primary cities. 💭*Inspiration* Aleks & I have collectively lived in 15 cities and traveled to 60+ countries. We know how annoying it is to have your things dragging you down. I personally own less than 3 suitcases worth of belongings. 💡*Lightbulb Moment* A few years ago, I was getting drinks with co-workers after work on a Friday. A friend said he’d join, but had to go all the way out of the way to drop his work bag at home. I thought “what a waste of time, there's got to be a better way.” 🙅‍♀️ *Problem* People spend so much time planning their days (and their lives) around the things that they own. The status quo when you land in a new city is to go straight to the airport just to drop your stuff off, even if it doesn’t make sense otherwise. 🛠 *Solution* Tapping into local hotels and shops, we can open up storage space nearly everywhere in a city. Open the Bounce app and find a safe and secure place to leave your things (delivery back to where you’ll be later coming soon!). *Key Features*: 🏪24/7 storage locations 🔒Secured and insured 💸Easy pricing: $6 / day 📞24/7 customer support 🏬Get to know your local shops! 🌠*Vision*: This is just the first step in creating what we hope will one day be a paradigm-shift product. Our end goal is for Bounce to be the interface between you and your physical things. Use Bounce to summon your things to you or away from you. We could talk your ear off for hours about what this can be long term. *SPECIAL PRODUCT HUNT OFFER*: If you use Bounce this week, you can get 50% off with code: PRODUCTHUNT Use Bounce at a later time for $5 with the code THANK5 (these will expire) 🔥🔥🔥 If you have any feedback or questions, we’ll be on here all day answering. Hope to chat with anyone who loves what we’re doing! -Cody, Aleks & the Bounce Team
@kevin @cody_candee Hey 🙌 Awesome idea. Would love to use it. P.S Check Hero image - seems it's not working;)
@alexwawl Thanks so much Alex. Looks like a Safari issue. Pushing a fix right now!

I was the first customer to ever Bounce my stuff and I'm still a loyal customer. There are so many moments when you have a bag that you want to store for a few hours. For example, I had my work bag when I was going to a concert at Madison Square Garden. I bounced my bag so I could dance bag-free.


- Beautiful app - Good value. $6 seems is reasonable for a day of storage - Additional revenue stream for small businesses


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Yes! I can confirm that you were #1. So grateful for your continued support and loyalty!
Congrats Cody and team on the progress! I believe I was one of the very first users of Bounce in NYC, about a year ago. I was conveniently able to leave my luggage near where I was staying, as I was moving between Airbnb's (& had 1/2 day before I could check in to next place). The freedom from lugging a big bag around NYC allowed me to go and play basketball with locals, in Tompkins Square Park - a great experience that wouldn't have been possible without something like Bounce. Even back then the booking & user experience was seamless, the customer support very personal & from the convenience I got from it - clear that Cody & team were on to something big! Looking forward to see this continue to grow and expand to more cities.
@dan_fennessy Thank you so much for the amazing review Dan! You were definitely one of the first. Can't wait to get Bounce out to Amsterdam or wherever you are these days!
What a great idea! 👏🏻
@natalie_steele Thank you Natalie!

Would recommend without reservations! Customer service is top notch too!


Complete lifesaver. For the price of an Uber ride, I can store my bags securely and adventure around the city like a true local!


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