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#2 Product of the DayOctober 10, 2016
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Hello Product Hunt. Thank you @edvinsantonovs for hunting this. I'm the creator of Bottr which we aim to be the simplest framework for creating user facing bots. We already integrate into Twilio and Facebook with additional integrations for Twitter, Mobile and Desktop apps coming soon. We believe that bots are the future and that we need a easy to use framework to harness this new technology. Bottr handles things like read indicators, simulating typing, context management and handling attachments so you don't have to. We also want to build an ecosystem of components around this Bot which will help make it easier to build your bots with functionality built by the community. We launched our first preview of this framework along with some examples. If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you at James
@jcampbell_05 @edvinsantonovs @bottr Hey James, Bottr looks like a really cool framework but the documentation doesn't contain anything related to displaying cards, gallery, twilio integration, responding back to certain keywords etc. Or am i missing out on anything?
@istereotype @edvinsantonovs @bottr You're right, that is totally our fault we dropped the ball on that. We do support those and we have Bots that already work with Twillio and Facebook Cards. I'll make sure to get those updated today. If you wanted to contribute anything than that would be awesome too!
@milann @edvinsantonovs @bottr Let me know what you think, we're also looking for contributors if you wanted to get involved!
@jcampbell_05 @edvinsantonovs @bottr I would love to contribute, If you feel there's anything in specific that bottr needs right now, feel free. Or i would love to add to the platform itself when i have time over this weekend. Even though I am sure you have already done a job good enough on it :)
Is this botkit for Facebook? Seems quite similar just for the different platform. The idea is good if you can integrate and support multiple platforms and their changing APIs & ofc keep it updated. Good luck!
@irazasyed It is for Facebook but it allows you to use the same Bot with SMS or hosted as a Web Application.
Are you looking for contributors?
@alexmbarton Yes, if you give me your Github username then I can add you !
100 up-votes! Thanks so much for the love everyone!
@jcampbell_05 Just visited it today - can you check if the "Examples" link on the main page still works?