Targeted 2 to 4 personl networking at cafes & wine bars.

How it works:

1️⃣ Complete your profile after logging in with LinkedIn or Facebook.

2️⃣ Post a meeting (shake) and specify professionals you want to meet. Accept or pass requests to join.

3️⃣ Search meeting titles using keywords. Request to join a shake and you’ll be notified when accepted.

Available in CA, other areas pending.

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Love the concept! unfortunatelly as with all this kind of products it is only usefull if they already have a ton of users near you.
@ferminrp Yes we should find a way to solve this problem
@ferminrp Apologies for the delay in responding @ferminrp. Our upcoming launch in Jan '19 should create an eco chamber that should provide you value as a user. What city are you located in?
@saman_sinaei What city are you located in?
Hi Product Hunt! I'm Joseph, a designer at Bottleshake. We created the app to help nearby professionals connect over coffee. Specify who you want to meet. Log in with LinkedIn. Let me know what y'all think and I hope you like it. 😸
@josephespana Would you have a plan to make it available in NYC? (I received notification that it's available only in California)
@dance2die Yes! New York is included in our immediate plans. Stay tuned! 🙏
@josephespana Thanks a bunch. Can't wait 👍
Great idea! If only I had an iPhone. :)
p.s. I am in Indianapolis. Do you have an active user base in Indy yet?
Interesting concept. Here's some feedback regarding why it doesn't satisfy my use case. It lacks the ability to provide context. Presume I state: "I'm looking to meet with an engineer". Consider the possible reasons for that, and you quickly realize providing further context will significantly help drive quality. If this is an app for "professionals" who will generally claim their bandwidth is stretched as it is, an inability to qualify your post's subject line is likely to result in a meeting where both sides are left dissatisfied. Though that is certainly my opinion. Might be worth an AB test :)
@jeremy_topper Apologies for the late response. Thank you for the insightful feedback!
How are you different than Bumble Bizz? Besides that you are limited to California. Great idea but I don't see it's relevance when I won't be able to use it for a couple months.
@doug We'll let you know when we launch in your city. Where are you located?