Bottles Tonight 3.0

Bottle Service booking, now up to 7 days in advance

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I like where you're going with this app, I tried to use it the other day in LA. Nobody likes to deal with promoters. In fact I'd pay a premium not to deal with them.
@arush thanks for trying out the service! Thanks for the insight about paying a premium for access and convenience of not dealing with promoter.
Great service. I'm into it. Added it to the VICE collection:
@writerpollock thanks Tristan!
I'm a big fan of Bottles Tonight. This update is awesome, and brings a ton of new features that @jmrushworth can elaborate on. They've also been a huge supporter of my crazy Meerathons.... so you can see if promo code JEFF still works.
@jsneedles, thanks for your continued support and happy birthday! Code JEFF still works! We are really interested in hearing feedback from the PH community! This iOS update brings you the ability to book bottle service and VIP Cover up to 7 days in advance. VIP Cover is independent of bottle service booking and enables you to skip the line. VIP Cover is currently only offered at select clubs ($10-$20 price point), with more rolling out over the next month. Through user and customer conversations we found people wanted to book up to 7 days in advance. The recurring theme was people wanted to book for special events, like birthdays, bachelorette parties, or to see their favorite DJ who's in town soon. I'll be here all day to answer any questions or comments the you have.
I know someone this is perfect for.
@stttories bobby bottle service loves BottlesTonight!
I propose that @jmrushworth changes his stage name to Bobby Bottles cc @stttories
@quan "stage name" thanks Hong
Love the app, love the team. True hustlers and I'm excited about their continued growth!