Bottle Message

Anonymous location - based social network

Bottle Message-anonymous location-based social network getting a live feed of what people are saying around.Our mission is to help share emotions wherever you want people feel them and spread inspiration everywhere.Bridge the gap between the physical world and online social network…everything is possible! Currently available in Switzerland only.

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Need more people

Thank you for the kind words
how are you planning on getting more people on the app?
@edisonjoao6871 Thank you for attention, we find influencers that like our idea and they share feedback with their audience.
Hey Anton, nice looking app. How do you plan on combatting harassment and other problems that have plagued apps like this in the past?
@maxcampolo Hi, Maxim, thank you. We have complain button, so users always can block other ones who delivers inappropriate content. Later we will implement AI solution, our CTO keeps in mind this already.
Why is it not available in the US?
@khaliphj we gonna launch US later