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This could be a super useful resource for learning about how bots converse. Read more about this initiative by @spenceryang to understand how to best make use of this data. I'd love to see more data added to the mix, and for more branches of the conversations to be mapped out. For now, you can contribute to the BotSpeak database by adding up to 8 say/responses here: https://goo.gl/forms/TFy2UTEdSAF...
@chrismessina Thanks Chris for hunting Botspeak. It was a fun research project and glad to share the database with everyone. Definitely looking at branches, more data and even voice. :) Let's see if we can find time during the holidays to expand on it!
@spenceryang Thank you for sharing this database. How did you gather all data from 200 bots?
@keyul hey Keyul, explained a little in the post. There's really no good way due to the unique nature of each bot so I created multiple accounts to talk to each bot. Wish there's a way to automate that.