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As a huge Intercom fan I'm pumped about this! I wish I had this a year ago when we were using intercom for a concierge service and 95% of the questions asked by users were made up of the same 15-20 questions. Nice work @tonylucas
@mwtbrowser good to hear, that's something we hear from Intercom users a lot.
Really excited to launch this (although we've been using it internally for a while now). You can now easily build bots for Intercom, to deal with issues like: Common FAQ Handling Automatic Human Escalation Triage and Routing Outbound Conversations (not just messages) based on Events.
@tonylucas very cool! How does Intercom feel about this? They've historically been opposed to automated messaging...
@chrismessina I can't speak for them, but they have been very engaged so far, we see it as a natural extension of their existing automation capabilities. We are big believers in Bot + Human, rather than it all being about bots end to end.
@chrismessina @tonylucas Intercom have posted recently that in terms of this type of interaction, "non personae" , "simple, functionally driven" interactions delivered through a conversational interface are actually preferred by customers....
@chrismessina Hopefully see you at the event tonight Chris, can talk more about it :)
Where can I see a working example?
@egafutura hey Juan, you can see it on our own website at www.converse.ai as we use it ourselves to triage requests