BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

A Perfect Solution for Facebook Messenger Marketing

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder lets you not only create own chatbot for Facebook, but also collect and analyse customer data, send broadcast messages, overtake chatbot conversation and much more.

Create a chatbot without any coding knowledge in 5 min, its FREE.

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Hi Everyone, BotMyWork Chatbot Builder helps you create Chatbots for Facebook Messenger in 5 minutes. No Coding is required. Here's a quick rundown of what you can achieve with this marketing automation tool: - Create Chatbot for Facebook - Easily use Rich Elements like "quick replies", "carousels", "location queries" and other buttons - Multiple Lead capturing Triggers - Gather Subscriber info to Target them later on - Perform Customer Segmentation to offer them relevant content - Detect Groups of Keywords that your users type and respond accordingly - Live Chatbot Testing - Set up Customised Facebook Chat plugin on your Website - Send Broadcast Messages to your Subscribers - Improves Customer Service - Human Takeover On Live Chat - Quick Check Analytics Report Try all the features to see that working with this most user-friendly chatbot builder is really easy! Just create a chatbot for your business today and utilize in marketing, e-commerce, and support. Get Started Now for FREE!!! Visit at: We would love your feedback. Please let us know what would be valuable for you and your team! Thank you so much!
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