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Hi, This is Youghourta, I’m the maker of botmarker. Have you ever wanted to “bookmark” a tweet but ❤ing it didn’t seem appropriate? Or you didn’t want your followers to know that you “liked” this or that tweet? Or did you ❤ a tweet, but when you got back to it after few hours (or few days) you couldn't find it, either because it was deleted, or because you ❤ed so many tweets that it became difficult to find what you are looking for? botmarker solves all these problems (and many more). botmarker is a bot that helps you bookmark tweets you like and organize them into categories (#tags) without revealing what you are interested in to your followers (or stalkers :) ). botmarker also keeps a copy of tweets you bookmarked even if they get deleted. botmarker is NOT a “standalone” app (no need to install any additional apps), but rather it is more like an add-on to twitter, and you can use it “inside” your favorite twitter client. All what you need to do to bookmark a tweet is to DM it to @botmarker. You can add hashtags to you DMs to organize them by categories. We are opening our public beta today, and we would love to get your feedback about our app. Not convinced yet? Please read this article:
@djug @botmarker Very useful app. I usually try to come up to tweets I liked but then it turns out I forget about the tweet owner and it totally vanishes. I consider this as a way that can offer people the chance to customize their feeds even better than twitter lists. Is it what you're trying to do ?
@hicham_amine well, it is more of a "replacement" for the ❤ button on twitter (a bookmarking tool inside any twitter client)
I think this tool may come in handy in my case as I have 1k+ likes and It gets tedious when looking for a tweet I liked last year. What I like most about this tool is the categories feature. It allows you to see your favorite tweets in a very organised way.
I like it. Put them bots to work!!
Always good to check what you're building around twitter @djug ( was a fun one too). I use Refind for my web links, so definitely adding that one to my bookmarker tools!
Really liked the idea. Gd luck !!