Super simple and clean chatbot creation tool is a chatbot creation tool for business or entertainment purposes. Users can add a chatbot to their websites and improve the experience of their visitors.
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Great product, i love it.. i can already see how i implement this..
This looks really cool but why don't you have a bot I can try on your landing page?
@alxcnwy Thanks Alex. Sure you can try my bot You can also find more in showcase of landing page.
@ferid_movsumov Ah cool, didn't realize you could click those showcase icons, thought it was more like "social proof these people also use botmake" kind of thing. You might want to redesign that to make it more clear that those are bots you can interact with. I definitely think you should make the bot demo more clear on your landing page in general. The demo bot was cool - I actually think the responses were a little bit too fast. People expect a slight delay when talking to other people. Weird feedback but might be worth adding a small "typing" style graphic and a short 0.5-2 second delay between responses
@alxcnwy thanks for this valuable feedback. I think I need to find a way to make it more clear UX wise. Will get some help form my UX expert friends πŸ˜€Speed part is interesting feedback. Since it is not secret that it is bot. Should I really slow down speed, not sure about it. πŸ€”Maybe when I will have more users servers are going to slow down naturally anyway πŸ˜€
@alxcnwy I just added a message "You can click on avatar to start a chat with bot" hope it will improve UX. Thanks for your feedback πŸ™
Hi Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ I started developing this year in June and super happy to finally launch it πŸš€ I really love 😍 simple and clean products and I tried to develop it in that way. Hope you will enjoy making your own chatbot with πŸ€– Your comments, feedbacks are very important for me to make this product better. Thank you so much πŸ™
Love this! We are currently using FlowXO for our chat bot, but I’m seriously considering switching to Botmake. The feature that is the most exciting is the training area. A few things: Have you considered adding more users to a bot so we can work as a team? What about pushing these bots to messenger? Or having more than one bot per account? All in all a wonderful start.
@justinelbertpr Justin thanks for trying Botmake and your feedback πŸ‘It is possible to add multi user and multi bot features. Thanks for this suggestion. And Messenger integration is something I want to work on for the next version.