Botline Bling

Simulate a text-relationship with a clingy Drake bot

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Hi Hunters! As a Drake fan, I was excited for his latest album Views, which dropped last week. Like so much of his work, these songs are full of Drake's insecurities about relationships and exes and commitment. I thought it'd be fun to make an SMS-bot that lets you simulate texting with Drake himself. Emotional rollercoaster and all. All the responses are just Drake lyrics. Just text "BOTLINE" to 630-755-6641 This is my first foray into bots, and I followed Betaworks' amazing Botwick tutorial ( and, so hope you enjoy. Of course, it may be a little rough around the edges (but then again, so is Drake, right? ha!), and I'd love any feedback as I learn to work with bots more! Thanks all! For more goofs, follow me on Twitter:
@writerpollock Thanks Tristan! I'm really intrigued by bots, especially when used in interesting ways like Estherbot, i.e. a bot resumé ( I realize a lot of it may be hype (which by the way, "Hype" is also the name of an awesome track on Drake's new album, see it all comes full circle). But maybe there's some interesting use-cases to be found amidst the hype. Thanks for checking it out!
@hassanisms 😂😂😂 Love seeing what people have been using Botwick / Spreadsheet Bot to build. did you also see ( feel like you would like the idea behind that one...
@octopi Hey David! Seriously, Botwick / Spreadsheet Bot / RunDexter has opened some great doors for creating cool projects! Thanks to Betaworks and you guys for laying the groundwork for that! Indeed, yes, I've checked out Cake.AF but haven't used it to get an actual meal yet. Definitely recommend checking out Estherbot ( for another very cool (and practical) use of bots.
@octopi PS try texting "Product Hunt" or "dexter" or "betaworks" into Botline Bling :) just added some goodies.
As a fan of Drake (Views opinion TBD), Dexter and bots, I love everything about this. Great stuff!
@bilko thanks! PS try texting "Product Hunt" or "dexter" or "betaworks" into Botline Bling now :) just added some goodies.