Virtual bookkeeping powered by AI & Senior Accountants

Better than humans, better than machines. Automated bookkeeping with a human touch. Benefit from the most accurate accounting, 24/7, real-time dashboards and reporting, all while saving on average 30-50% compared to a traditional bookkeeper or outsourced firm.

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Would be nice to see the pricing without having to enter in your info. Being forced to input my info to then be spammed with marketing then have to unsubscribe is a really big pet peeve. Similar services like Bench and 1800accountant are transparent with their pricing.
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@geekgirlweb Hi Rebecca! Thank you so much for the feedback, and I can totally understand where you're coming from. It's something I'm happy to review internally. We try to keep the marketing outreach geared more toward education, helpful content, and updates in the field, based more on the expressed interest of the reader. This being said, I'm happy to get you to our pricing page- no strings! Feel free to shoot me a note at and I'll shoot over that info. Thanks again for the feedback!
I like the concept. I went to your facebook page but no messenger bot? No way to test it via facebook? It's funny we need a book keeper... I'll speak with my team and sign up if we all agree. If you're interested in acquiring users for any particular chatbot or for additional monetization products with any of the bots feel free to contact us at
@cashbot_ai1 Happy to hear you like the concept! Your timing is actually great- we've recently done quite a bit of work on our social media platforms, and I was recently looking into some different options for FB... I think I may have replied to your message already via chat, but I'm happy to talk with you about Cashbot, as well as your need for some bookkeeping help!

Botkeeper has also recently launched an affiliate program that's fantastic!


Great UI, great support, and saves a ton on overhead!


More integrations!