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Hey everyone! Here's the story behind botgig: After Facebook's recent announcement of their Messenger Bot Platform I put together a Facebook group for bots, a Medium Publication for bots, and I wrote a guide to bots. All of these things happened to go insanely viral. The Facebook Group and the Medium Publication now have thousands of people in them and my article was read by over 20,000 people in the first week. And that's when I started getting a lot of messages from brands looking for info on how they could get a bot built. Not only that, I started getting hit up by a ton of people who said they wanted to do freelance development for people looking for chatbots. Hundreds of developers. So many. This is why we created botgig, to make it easier for the top notch freelancers we've vetted and these incredible brands to work together. <3 Facebook Group: Chatbot Medium Publication: Chatbot Guide:
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@mattprd Awesome work on this Matt! Your hustle lately has been incredible.
@mattprd Really loved that article!
sign up form should be a bot
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So, your company has experienced "chat bot" freelance developers and you connect them with brands. Do you consider yourself a specialized recruiting firm or an chat bot design agency? At the moment, it's not really clear. Regardless, kudos on the launch!
You either love bots or think they are just hype. This tweet sums it up for me.
@tomfme Let's revisit this in a year and see what we both think then.
@mattprd @tomfme Let's revisit this in a year and check what bots think about that ;)
Excelent idea.