Automated human-like conversations at scale

Botfuel is a developer oriented chatbot-building framework looking to automate customer relationships by deploying chatbots at scale.

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Hello world ! Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us!!! I am Olivier from Botfuel and I am speaking for the whole team when I say that we are very excited to launch on Product Hunt :D Here is a quick overview of what Botfuel offers: - An open source Dialog Modelling Nodejs sdk (you will not need decision trees anymore) - Powerful NLP APIs supporting a variety of languages - A cool and easy user interface You can test our open source sdk ( right now and learn how to build bots with our tutorials ( We are waiting for your feedback! Also, feel free to ask your questions in the section below, I will do my best to answer them all. Olivier from Botfuel
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@tagazok Few thoughts which popped up in my mind after seeing your product for B2B sales : a) Reach out to companies who are hiring for customer support. Since they are growing in terms of customer support, it means they will be happy to use bot which can lessen their load. b) Reach out to companies who have atleast 10,000 monthly traffic so that chatbot can help them with conversation. Have more such thoughts. LMK if it makes sense.
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With this app attending your customer support is so easy now. All the best. Hope you do well.
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@rinnadsouza Thanks Rinna, it's indeed intended for customer support and already been used successfully by large companies to handle frequent customer requests.
Nice work guys, wishing you the best with this project. Do you plan to have it be a website widgets as well? I was hoping it would be and that your site would feature it :)
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@guillaumebardet Hi Guillaume. Thank you for your support :) We offer adapters for different platforms and web is one of them. Integrating a chatbot built with Botfuel in your website on requires to add 1 line of code.
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wow so cool
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Hi @arsen_hakobian Thanks for your comment! We are trying to bring chatbot solutions for developers to build robust chatbots... the cool way ;)
Such an amazing AI. Chat support is easy fro companies. Loved the idea.
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@paromitabiswas Thanks for your enthusiasm and glad you love the idea! Our main target are indeed companies as Botfuel is designed to build chatbots at scale and to integrate with companies information system.