Build bots in any language with natural language

Botfront lets you author and automate contextual conversations from an intuitive UI. It’s open source, easy to install, and based on the most popular open source conversational AI libraries.
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Hey @picsoung , thanks for hunting us! We're super excited to be on Product Hunt today. We are working on Botfront for about 2 years now, and here is why: We see many bot projects stuck at the proof of concept level. A recurring problem is writing good specs for conversations is harder than it looks. The back and forth between designers, copywriters, and developers is overwhelming, and projects get postponed or canceled. We believe we can fix that by letting designers and copywriters design and implement conversation flows, and developers write code that enrich the conversation context (instead of just coding the flow). And we wanted to make it work with Rasa, our favorite open source conversational AI library. We save an incredible amount of time with Botfront on every project, and we hope that it will help other teams iterate faster and flood the world with useful bots capable of meaningful conversations. It’s open source, free to use, try it, we’re here all day to answer your questions!
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There are other bot prototyping tools out there, but botfront’s integration with Rasa puts it in a class of its own. And it goes beyond prototyping. The tool can fit the production workflows quite nicely as well. It is still early days in this space so capabilities will continue to improve overtime I’m sure. But this version is already solid. Well done team, and keep at it!
Nathan , Great team and product, experienced 1st hand at a client ! thanks
Great team. Great product.
Having worked with Botfront and the team for some time now, cannot recommend them more! They know their stuff and have a very pragmatic approach to conversational AI.
Thanks @dominique_boucher_phd , looking forward to even more pragmatism :)