A playground to design & validate bots

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Seems this bit wasnt editable by double clicking I like this idea but I think it could be more playful to use and user-friendly. Are you going to add things like carousels with images, quick-replies etc? Also one thing I've found difficult when building bots is making a big 'Tree' of the story/options.
@bentossell Hey Ben, thanks for your comments. I'm definitely going to add more components, as well as other 'frames' e.g. Slack to Botframe. Visualising decision trees is definitely on the roadmap too but a bit further off. Btw you can inline edit these components now :)
I like this tool for mocking up a conversation. I don't think you need to do bigger trees with this. I can see how bot makers would want to push this tool into that direction, but I think this is good for the design use case you described. The image download is a nice touch too so you can drop something into a deck.
I think this a great tool ! Just in time for my current project, thanks !
I was just looking for something like this! Is this open source? I'd totally be willing to help build an imessage skin @almonk
I want to use this tool, for setting up screenshots for presenting bots, but the UI could really use some work. The ideal would be for this to work inline, meaning the interface is the part on the right without the left side. Imagine easily editing the conversation inline. If not, and you prefer keeping the left side, it could really use some work. And then the ultimate thing would be a play button to animate this. Thanks otherwise upvoted