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#2 Product of the DayJuly 02, 2017

BotEngine is a platform that you can use to create your own chatbot.

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Isn't it BotEngine? The title says BitEngine ;) The landing page is very clean & beautiful 😍
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@attacomsian Hi there! Yup, it's our BotEngine :)
@aga_jaskiewicz Thank you for correction & all the best.
Beautiful landing page 😍 Couldn't find a pricing page, where should I look? 😀
@doefler Hi there! I'm Agnieszka from BotEngine.AI. For now it's free ;)
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It will be interesting to see how BotEngine competes with already well established bot building tools
@sethlouey Hi there! Here's Agnieszka from :) We're working on new integrations (LiveChat, Slack). Keep fingers crossed ;)
Up voted purely for the on 🔥 product tour UI. 👌
Which service are you using for natural language processing in the backend?
@sanath_p We're using our own solutions :)