Real-time cross-channel chat-bot API

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Hey, Product Hunters. We are developing a cross-platform SDK for chat-bots. Botcamp abstracts away all the minutiae providing a clean powerful API eliminating the need to port your bot to every platform. Now you can bring consistent user experience on each channel you deploy to, all from a single codebase. So lately, we've been experimenting a lot with different chat-bot APIs trying out different features of most popular platforms. Developing cross-platform bots turned out to be a tiresome and somewhat frustrating experience. All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection. So we figured the logical solution would be to develop a Yet-Another-SDK for chat-bot development :D With Botcamp you a great set of out-of-the-box features like analytics, natural language message analysis and integrations with third-party services. Combine social media, popular web APIs and message intents and sentiments to build the coolest bot ever. We are currently hard at work to get all the necessary components in place. So hold on tight and join us on an exciting adventure that is chat-bots!
@pukhalski seems to have to request access... if Product Hunters request access will they be able to get in? :)
@bentossell, currently we are in an early alpha stage. It's going to take a few weeks to wait until they get the access. P.S. It's my failure, that I didn't mark it as Pre-Release. Can I ask to put this label on? Thanks.
@pukhalski I have added this. Best to post when launched. let us know :)
@bentossell will do, thanks!