A first ever robotic punching bag with computer vision

BotBoxer – a first ever robot for martial arts.

BotBoxer can feel velocity and direction of your every shot. It can see and track your moves to spot any hook or jab from you. It will react to move away from your fist and escape the oncoming punch with a velocity unattainable even for a pro!

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Hi @alex_golunov, how have athletes responded to BotBoxer and have you considered developing a punching bag that can see and track kicks too? This could be interesting for kickboxers and MMA fighters in general. Great product!
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@angeliquesocial Hey Angie! We have just launched the product and started first demos. All of the reviews from the pro community have been super encouraging. Check out the link in reviews with a video of Olympic bronze medalist Tony Jeffries tan about BotBoxer. This version can already see and track kicks so you can practice your kickboxing on it already!
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@alex_golunov thanks Alex! This would be great for my local gym.
Hey @alex_golunov, What were the main reasons why you wanted to create this?
@jacqvon Hey, there was two reasons driving the development of BotBoxer. Firstly, it’s really the fist tool for professional athletes to train speed and power at the same time. Regular boxing bag won’t teach you how to do a fast and simultaneously strong punch. Secondly, we wanted to introduce a brand new tool for upper body cardio workout. The entire gym equipment industry has been stagnant for over 45 years. Machines have transitioned from black to gray but treadmills and bikes still have the brain of a calculator! We believe that by using technology with a gaming component we can create an exercise machine that is both super fun and motivating to use!
This looks incredible. Is there a version for a professional boxer? Dope 🚬
@dredurr Hey! Thank you! We're working on more versions of BotBoxer, and this is the model we're starting out with. It's great for a wide spectrum of skill level from beginners to pros.
Wow!!! When it will be available in India? & Please tell me about the price?