'Largest & most informative' bot store in the world


Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Just stumbled across this site, which is similar to what I built recently - botlist. As expected, there are a few similar sites cropping up (it was obviously going to happen) Now the tagline says 'largest and most informative bot store' - this is something I'd purposefully avoided with botlist. Because the second that it may not be just that, then it looks … See more
Uri Eliabayev
@urieli17 · Foundr, AutoHash
what is the difference between botarena and botlist?
Hassan Abdulhamid
@uxdzen · CEO Skylar Labs (Hyphen)
We need a "bot" that recommends other bots. /give me a bot that can help me do "this and that"
Walter Reid
@walterareid · Product
"Bot Arena", "Bot List", "Bots Book"... Forget the "bot store" and get me a bot search site already. All these curated/stash sites remind me too heavily of yahoo directories from 16 years ago
Umit Akcan
@umitakcn · UI designer
it would be better to add links to cards not only names and thumbnails.