'Largest & most informative' bot store in the world

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Just stumbled across this site, which is similar to what I built recently - botlist. As expected, there are a few similar sites cropping up (it was obviously going to happen) Now the tagline says 'largest and most informative bot store' - this is something I'd purposefully avoided with botlist. Because the second that it may not be just that, then it looks bad. BotArena seems to have done a good job but, for example, there are only around 24 bots in the slack section - when, in reality, slack has over 400 listed on their Slack App Directory I think its good to have different sites crop up in the 'bot store' space but I don't think the best way to compete is to try and be 'bigger' - and use that as the defining 'differentiator'. Bot discovery is difficult and that is should be what is considered when building a 'bot store'.
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"Largest and most informative bot store in world" with few bots? LOL... I also create few month ago small bots directory - ( ) - may be few days before botslist is runned ...(idea and domain registration - 2016-04-04 ) But botsbook more smaller than botslist of couse... Bots list its popular idea today for web developers... As i see today we have really many bots stores / catalogs - but without real leader... Today realy big stores by traffiic and
@tkachenko yeh I find it strange when a company uses that as the selling hook for their site. it can often do more harm than good. yeah botlist is still doing well and we are getting lots of users and pageviews still. working on some things :)
@bentossell Let me thank you for submitting it here. Yes, is definitely not the largest bot store right now, but you know its more like a marketing term. What we are really trying to do is, to make it more informative and thats why submission process takes lot of time. We are really not towards just populating it. So It might take us long time to become largest but we definitely are the most informative :)
@rahulvit09 not sure using that as 'a marketing term' is a good idea to be honest - just seems misleading. Keen to hear how it is more informative too - and what will keep it more informative? both botlist and botarena have description, media and review system
@rahulvit09 @bentossell also we put into site footer - San Francisco, CA 94105 But domain register from India... its realy US based website?
what is the difference between botarena and botlist?
@urieli17 Botlist is the largest bot directory and botarena is more informative.
@rahulvit09 @urieli17 I feel like they have similar levels both have description, media and review system
@bentossell @urieli17 Its not just about having description section but more about what is there in description.
We need a "bot" that recommends other bots. /give me a bot that can help me do "this and that"
@uxdzen we have built a slackbot for botlist... coming soon :) cc @sethlouey There is also bot hunter bot
@bentossell Thats awesome. Im actually building one on telegram and messenger (with data from Botlist). Integrate maybe? @sethlouey
@bentossell @uxdzen @sethlouey Thats really great. We will list it on BotArena :P
"Bot Arena", "Bot List", "Bots Book"... Forget the "bot store" and get me a bot search site already. All these curated/stash sites remind me too heavily of yahoo directories from 16 years ago
@walterareid I get you... I cant speak for the others but having some form of review process means that things like pornographic content can be avoided - an issue that I've seen a lot of on the telegram bot store. Also as we all know, discovery on the apple app store is broken too. Adding thousands of bots into an 'app store' would just make it feel too overwhelming in my opinion. Which is why we have the approach we do at - nothing is perfect and there is a long way to go in this space but what we did was try to avoid the overwhelming experience and inappropriate content. Lots can change
it would be better to add links to cards not only names and thumbnails.
@umitakcn Sure, we will do that. Thanks for your feedback.