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Artist marketing, made smarter. Build your artist presence on Facebook Messenger and create more effective connections with your fans.

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Hey Hunters! I’m Kosta Elchev from Stashimi and we just launched our first beta bot with artist G-Eazy. We’ve been quietly building a new bot building platform for musicians. The platform uses our music aggregation system we built for our Stashimi iOS and Android app. We’re calling the platform Bot1 and you can check it out here: The goal is to provide a platform where musicians can quickly and without coding launch a bot. The biggest difference is that our platform keeps the musician's bot updated in real-time using the music database we built for our mobile app; which is constantly pulling their music, videos, merch, concert tickets, news, and social posts. Here’s G-Eazy's basic bot we launched. Give it a try: You, of course, can customize the bot a lot more using our dashboard which allows the user to send notifications to each subscriber, create scripts or as well call it stories, campaign management, and other tools for engagement. Would love the community to try it out and give us some feedback. Thanks!
Hello everyone. I'm the Co-Founder and CTO of Stashimi and creator of Bot1. Bot1 is not your ordinary do-it-yourself bot builder but a powerful fan engagement platform designed for musicians, independent artists, record labels and fan clubs. Creating a bot is easy - but keeping it alive and your followers engaged is difficult. That’s why we have developed Bot1 to do the heavy lifting using powerful automation, integration with existing channels such as SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, BandsInTown, Seatgeek and dozens more, while also providing easy tools to create new and exclusive content for your fan base yourself. We’re currently in beta and some features are still marked as private, but I’m personally very excited to interact with all of you and hear your thoughts and questions. Thanks.
Whoa...using your bot is like...some kind Of drug. But in all seriousness, quite cool!
@aaronsuplizio Hey Aaron, it definitely gets addictive but it really gets interesting once the artist starts writing our stories or scripts that lead the user into all sorts of different experiences. Thanks for checking it out and for the feedback!
Hi, I would like to give it a try for a band with which I work. I have sent a request via your website.
@pascalmorniroli Hi Pascal, we'll send over a beta invite now! Hope to hear some feedback soon.