Bot UI Kit for Slack

Slick UI Kit for designing bots on Slack!

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Hey Product Hunt! I'm Jaycee, CEO at avocado bots and designer of the Mobile Slack Chatbot UI Kit for iOS. It includes symbols and everything you’d need for designing your Slack bot. It helped us plan the bots we are building so thought we’d share it with the world! Here for AMA 😊
Looks cool. Very handy to have. Have you ever seen It's not in Sketch which both have pros and cons.
@tobias_baunbaek_christensen Thanks! Yes, I love Walkie Bot and we use it! But they have different use cases; Walkie Bot is great for ideas and planning but doesn't have mobile at the moment. Sketch is great to create flows with the dialogues beside each other and it has more customization and exporting options.
This is so useful! What a great tool for Sketch designers prototyping bots on Slack!
Oh wow! Great stuff! Thanks for putting this together!
@gary_torres Thanks! Happy it is helpful to you.