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#5 Product of the DayAugust 06, 2017
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A really great resource of bot information inside of Messenger! Woot
@sethlouey Thank you for hunting us.
A chatbot about chatbots - so meta :)
@alincatalin Thank you. Feel free to share your suggestions.
Hello Everyone, After Developing Bot Stash Website and FlagQ bot. I am launching third Product and second bot called - Bot Stash Messenger Bot on Product Hunt. It is the Bot Version of Bot Stash Website. I have added amazing stuff in this bot such as Books, Video Tutorials or courses, NLP tools, development platform and many more, articles, newsletter subscriptions etc... Spend some time with Bot Stash Messenger Bot. I am sure you will find great resources in this bot. Thank You @sethlouey for hunting our Bot Stash Messenger Bot.
Hello Community, We have launched Bot Stash as a side project a few months ago on Product Hunt and we were happy to see the response of the community. The list of tools has grown a lot after that. The complete story is here - Today we are launching, a bot for Bot Stash making it easier for users to find chatbot related tools and resources 🛠️ inside the Facebook messenger. I am here to listen and reply to your suggestions and feedback. Feel free to share your thought on Bot stash bot and how can we make it better. 🤖
Congratulations on growing Bot Stash into what it's become!
Thank you @juannikin for supporting us. :)
@juannikin Thank You !!