Bot M.D.

A.I. assistant for Doctors. A smarter way to search.

Bot M.D. provides doctors with a smarter, simpler way to search for the clinical information they need. He also automatically transcribes patient case notes to reduce the amount of time doctors have to spend writing up case reports.

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Nick Abouzeid
Marketing @ MainStreet
My cousin (an MD) always confesses that she googles things during patient visits. Guess it's turned itself into a company!
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Dorothea Koh
Founder & CEO, Bot MD
@nickabouzeid That's exactly why we created Bot M.D. - Because who has time to Google when they are busy saving lives? 😉 #empoweringdoctors
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Jose Hamilton, MDPsychiatrist & CEO at Youper

Bot M.D. knows drugs, conditions, clinical reference values, guidelines and even medical calculators. That's amazing.


As a physician, I believe it's a great (and light) tool for searching for clinical information.


I can't see any.

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