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Thanks for the hunt @bentossell! As @benedictevans once said "All curation grows until it requires search, and all search grows until it requires curation". So as I am pretty sure the number of bots are going to explode I would love to be ahead in the curation side. I've been following a lot the bot industry for quite a while already (I write about it in and it is only a matter of time where we have the bot fatigue that is happening around apps. We've built this pretty quickly (day and a half), so the bot is kind of dumb. But there are some cool things: - We integrate with Kik, Telegram, SMS. Messenger once they approve us. - We can bring the creators into a conversation with the users. - We use our own platform to create the bots, which has been under the radar for a while. We are currently in beta with some companies, ping me if you would like to try it out. - Only two microservices were needed and few entities in Wit API, the rest required no code. Happy to answer any questions!
@ompemi hey omar, great work with the bot. I would love to take for a test drive, how do i get early access to it?
@istereotype I just DM you on twitter
@ompemi I didn't get the DM for some reason, by the way i followed you back.
@ompemi Great job! Perfect day to launch it :-)
Was thinking of doing something like this with botlist but @ompemi was already working on it!
Botception. Love it! :)
Great stuff by @ompemi. And potential collaboration with @bentossell is even better. Navigate ALL THE #BOTS.
Interesting concept, are you planning to integrate with Slack?