Bot Explorer

A bot to search and explore bots for Messenger, Slack & more

#5 Product of the DayJune 06, 2016
Super meta! With bot explorer you can directly search and add bots without leaving you platform. Bot explorer dynamically scrapes content from, the Slack Apps directory and also from You can search based on categories or simple keywords too. Bot explorer is available on Messenger and Telegram and is the first of its kind.
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Hi everyone! Thanks for hunting us @chrismessina. We wanted to bring the bot search experience right inside your messaging apps. With Bot Explorer you can search and explore bots for Slack, Messenger, Kik, Telegram and SMS. Give it a spin and let us know what you think :) Open to questions and feedback!
Bot for bots - awesome!
Great tool! Would be nice if the commands where shortened or with alias, like /s for /search etc.
@mikaellowgren Nice thought. I'll push that update soon :) Thanks for your feedback!