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Hi everyone! I’m Jasmine, one of the four co-founders of Recast.AI, the collaborative bot platform, and we’re thrilled to be on Product Hunt to launch our newest bot building feature! Thanks @_jacksmith for the hunt! It’s our second time on PH! First time, we were launching our platform allowing you to analyze your text. Now, we’re launching a whole new tool: Bot Builder, which allows you to entirely visually modelize your bot’s conversation. We’ve been working hard to make bot creation truly simple, yet extensible, powerful and limitless. The Bot Builder we’re featuring today is a great step in that effort. Define which information are necessary to proceed through the conversation, setup answers for all different conversation outcomes, guide the user through an adaptable conversation flow and test your bot live, directly on the platform! It now literally can take less than 15 minutes to create a bot with Recast.AI’s machine-learning technology, tools and community. Oh, and it’s free! Our latest launch on Product Hunt got us a lot of precious feedbacks from the PH community. Once again, we turn to you! Thanks a mil, Jasmine
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@jasmineanteunis awesome! How does this compare to other bot-building platforms? What did you guys do differently that you are SUUUUPER excited about?
@bentossell Hi! Thanks a lot for your interest! The one thing we’re working for is to make the tech truly accessible to anyone. That means, first of all, being totally free, without any restriction of use, and secondly, giving the best of the tech in a truly simple and collaborative way. Our identity is based on three things: - our technology: it’s an NLP technology powered with a hint of machine-learning, that we’re developing internally. It allows you to truly understand, analyse and enrich speech; - our community: we are a collaborative platform, developers do not have to train their bots from scratch, they benefit from a global training shared with every member. Much like Github, our users can fork bots or parts of bots to save time and find inspiration; - our ease of use: Bot Builder here is the tool we’ve developed to make conversation creation truly easy. Instead of having to code everything, you can visually modelize your conversation flow, and that saves you a lifetime of struggles. Hope that answers your question! Your feedback would be really appreciated :)
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@jasmineanteunis Cool I'll have to give this a go :)
@jasmineanteunis @_jacksmith Are there any baseline knowledge prerequisites for building a bot? I'm non-technical, how much does one need to know to create one of these?
@prestonattebery It really depends on your use case, but you will still need to code a bit. We've made the process easier with a lot of tutorials, starter kits and SDKs on our github https://github.com/RecastAI and on our blog https://blog.recast.ai/
Great product, I was used to API.AI and I'm actually very surprised to find recast.ai as good if not better in handling conversation intents. Need to make further tests but it looks very promising! Also I chatted with the team through intercom, they are very reactive. Hats off!
@samuelroy_ Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate! To help you with the benchmark, maybe you can take a look at https://github.com/zelros/bunt made by our friends @ZelrosHQ. It's an open-source testbed for natural language platforms. :)
@elizabethhunker Thank you! We are really focused on the developer experience, and creating a bot development environment is something we want to achieve!
Hi ! Nice feature. I'm building a bot to organise breakfast supplies in the office. Are there any guidelines or best practicies for this kind of bots? Thank you, Manon
@ma_non Hi! You can have a look at this article: https://blog.recast.ai/tips-star... . We have listed our bot building best practices, from creating good intents to training your bot effectively. You can also find our video onboarding here:
, to help you build a bot with our bot builder tools ;) Hope this helps!
Awesome ! Great job Recast team ! Thanks for making Bots development so easy through your collaborative platform.
@philippe_oliva :) Thank you for your support!!!