The note app for managers

Bosslog is a note taking app for managers who need to keep it simple. It's essentially one big, private, searchable log that syncs across devices. Makes it really easy to take notes throughout the week and then slice and dice them for reports or summaries for others.

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I dig the simplicity and focus on privacy but I don't see why this is targeted to managers. I.e. are there features in the app designed specifically for this audience, @anthonygarvan?
@rrhoover Others are welcome to use! I've found that standard note-taking apps are fine for things like groceries and random thoughts, where I really found the need to make Bosslog was when I was taking notes for many back-to-back meetings in a week and then needed to report out what happened, or easily scan through all my notes, or categorize by themes with #hashtags and @mentions.
Hi, Anthony @anthonygarvan ! First of all, my compliments. You did a great job. I have just one question: is this only an App or is there any option for a desktop?
@nadezhda_kos hi, thanks!! It's current just a progressive web app. If it gets any traction I would consider adding a desktop version or more features.
Love the simplicity of this app! Any plans to expand and possibly add different page functionality to it'?
@aaronoleary hmm, maybe? It depends on how the response is, if people really use it and like it I would consider adding other features in a bit.
@anthonygarvan The simplicity for sure gives this product it's charm
Lacks offline feature, no native apps. Not sure if this is something meant for practical use.
@ove_evo hey Ove! It's a progressive web app (PWA), if you save it to your home screen it will act like a native app. It works fine offline - I've used it on long flights, it will resume syncing when you get back online.
@ove_evo I've been using it daily for about 4 months across devices and have been happy, but it might not be for everyone :)
Interesting. I think you are onto something. Maybe if you could introduce something like the editor (/ command instead of having to remember all syntax) you will be able to extend the functionality infinitely. Questions: - It doesn't seem to handle copy/paste very well, is that correct? - If it is one long log, did you optimize the performance (just on time loading and virtualized scroll for example) or will it get slower and slower? - Why is the styling different from your screenshots? I like the screenshots' styles. - What is your roadmap? - For example, are you planning to allow multiple pages or you will stick to one?
I just saw that you let people choose the pricing. Although a nice idea, I actually like how you suggest a price point based on how much they use it. I think it should be the actual pricing, calculated automatically.
@aymericg hey! Great questions. -copy / paste- it will strip formatting but otherwise should work fine. - performance: yes, I tested with very large log sizes (2 copies of war & peace) and worked out all the performance bugs. The one I use has 5 years of notes in it and is still snappy. - I use system fonts, meaning the font will change to be the default on the OS you're using. The screenshots we're taken on my laptop which is Ubuntu. If you like it switch to Linux 😜 - Roadmap: I don't really have one, if I get a decent number of users I would consider adding a new set of features based on what there's appetite for.
@aymericg yeah that might be cool, I kind of like honor-system pricing philosophically, but I could see how for some people it's just another decision. I'll think about this.