Github, now with bounties

Boss (bounties for open source software) makes creating and earning international bounties for software trivially easy. Just setup your boss account and then send and receive bounties by using GitHub in the way you already do.
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One of the biggest OSS problems I've faced as a software engineer is when an OSS project is the perfect solution except for that one bug or missing feature that makes it a show-stopper. Fixing the issue yourself may be slow and costly, infeasible, or may cause messy forking. And OSS maintainers are usually too busy to solve your problem with speed. So I wanted to incentivize maintainer responsiveness and make OSS maintenance more worthwhile. Boss optimizes the bounty UX and removes as much friction as possible from the bounty process. * Once boss is setup, users don't have to leave GitHub in order to create or earn bounties. * Payments are automatic when the issue is closed via PR or commit, by default. * Bounty status is kept up-to-date within the GitHub issue via bot comment * Bounties are cumulative in an issue: it's trivial for multiple people to chip in on a popular issue, using multiple currencies. * When you earn boss bounties, they are automatically transferred to your bank account. * Bounties may be sent from anyone and earning bounties is supported in 23 countries. While the boss web UI may be used to create bounties for any github repository, we recommend OSS maintainers install the boss GitHub app installed on their repos so boss text commands within issues may be used as well. For example, this line inside a GitHub issue would create a €1000 bounty: /boss €1000 Boss is reasonably priced compared to other bounty or funding platforms with a ~5% to ~6% total fee per bounty. I will keep the margins low to keep the lion's share where it belongs: with OSS maintainers and supporters. Bounties solve the problem of funding a particular issue, be it bug, feature request, documentation, or a collection of problems. Funding specific issues via boss is a great complement to other OSS-supporting models that fund individuals, projects, or dependency graphs. Funding OSS used to be incredibly difficult problem, and in concert with other models, I hope funding OSS will soon be a solved problem.
Boss domain name:
@rrhoover Thank you. When the .dev TLDs came out it was an easy choice :-)
Love the native integration with GitHub. Looks like a great product to help developers monetise their contributions 👍
@lachlankirkwood That's exactly the goal, thank you