Boss Jock


Podcast from iOS, no PC needed

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Alex King
@akingcreative · Creative Expert
Two years with no update? Bit of a red flag for me.
@scrivs · Creation Scientist, Makers Mob
2 years without an update and $9.99 for something that on the face looks poorly designed. If I used it, it might justify the cost, but for apps that costs money I take the window shopping approach and this design doesn't pass the test.
Bill Mitchell
@bwm748 · Partner, 748Partners
I use this app to create podcasts, it lets you easily create professional quality podcasts. I suggest, anyone thinking about purchasing boss jock look at some of the youtube videos first.
Kyle Visner
If you are serious about podcasting (enough that you would pay $100 dollars for an app) you would probably have a bunch of equipment that you needed to hook into that PC. Iphones and Ipads aren't really known for their plethora of connectors.
Kit Mueller
@kit · serial tummler
Game changer