Bose Frames feature two classic silhouettes with built-in Bose speakers for an immersive audio experience unlike any other

Seems cool but I’d wait for the AR platform to launch before buying a pair. Also would prefer clear prescription lenses because I’m not cool enough to wear sunglasses 24/7
@kartikcooks The AR factor would reduce the coolness of the product, and you can just take them to your local optometrist to get prescription lenses (either clear or black/gray lenses). .
I like me a good pair of sunglasses but I don't live in LA or Venice Beach where they are a mandatory face accessory by law all year round. I'm interested in this whole AR push with glasses but where I live, I'd be able to use them for like 4 months of the year.
'ang on! Was Vue just bought or copied? 😃 (backer)
After buying Detour, I'm super curious to see other audio AR apps from Bose. I don't need Samantha from Her right now, but depending on the execution, location-based audio AR games could be a lot less awkward to play in public than waving my phone around, like Pokemon or (soon) Harry Potter.
why does it need the glasses though? it feels almost like they asked themselves: "What if we could do Google Glass with sound?", instead of just making smart earbuds like the airpods. I understand, you don't have to wear something on / in your ear. But to me, wearing airpods all day seems way less intrusive than sunglasses.