Bose Frames

Sunglasses With A Soundtrack

Bose Frames feature two classic silhouettes with built-in Bose speakers for an immersive audio experience unlike any other

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Harold M. Padilla
Furukawa Yuya


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Kartik Sathappan
Kartik Sathappan@kartikcooks · Product Manager / Angel Investor
Seems cool but I’d wait for the AR platform to launch before buying a pair. Also would prefer clear prescription lenses because I’m not cool enough to wear sunglasses 24/7
Pete@peet818 · Community / Social Media Manager
@kartikcooks The AR factor would reduce the coolness of the product, and you can just take them to your local optometrist to get prescription lenses (either clear or black/gray lenses). .
Dave Poly
Dave Poly@davepoly · Building Huge Marvel geek.
I like me a good pair of sunglasses but I don't live in LA or Venice Beach where they are a mandatory face accessory by law all year round. I'm interested in this whole AR push with glasses but where I live, I'd be able to use them for like 4 months of the year.
Jon Patell
Jon Patell@superpatell · CEO, APIOpoly
'ang on! Was Vue just bought or copied? 😃 (backer)
Brian Rose
Brian Rose@brianrose · Marketing at Gradient Ventures
After buying Detour, I'm super curious to see other audio AR apps from Bose. I don't need Samantha from Her right now, but depending on the execution, location-based audio AR games could be a lot less awkward to play in public than waving my phone around, like Pokemon or (soon) Harry Potter.
Oliver Ruebener
Oliver Ruebener@oliamazing · Designer @ zippia
why does it need the glasses though? it feels almost like they asked themselves: "What if we could do Google Glass with sound?", instead of just making smart earbuds like the airpods. I understand, you don't have to wear something on / in your ear. But to me, wearing airpods all day seems way less intrusive than sunglasses.