The​ AI app that helps you discover the yummiest dishes

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Hello Hunters! We are excited to share with the Borsch launch in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Houston, Phoenix, Chicago, Berlin (Germany) and Moscow (Russia). The app is built on a neural network that works 24/7 to find the yummiest-looking meals around. Our philosophy is very simple — why should you have to search high and low for good food? Borsch will do it for you, and will display the best pictures of what it finds in your area The app uses algorithms to predict your current and future tastes based on weather, time, and day of week. It will show you cold drinks when it’s hot outside, and the best brunches on Sunday morning. Borsch’s neural network is smart enough to identify non-food pictures and stop them from being published Would love to hear your thoughts!
since I'm always hungry.. got the app - really great job on UI and design! love the big photos menu, fun to scroll beautiful dishes :)
@yonishechter Wow! Thanks Yoni for such a pleasant comment!
Now I want some borsh :D
@victorbercaru That's how it should work! =)
@gabrelyanov any insights on how people are using the app? time spent? or it's to early to tell?
Tastiest neural net I've seen so far! Would love to connect to restaurant booking engine, and ordering delivery of dishes.
@mikhailnaumov Thanks! Appreciate that!