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Borsa is the fastest way to listen to public company earnings calls. Cut through the noise and hear directly from company executives about their company's performance. Listening to earnings calls is now as easy as listening to your favorite podcasts.
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Hi Product Hunt! ๐Ÿ‘‹ this is an amazing product I use to to listen to earnings calls. If you invest, this can be a really helpful app! ๐Ÿ™Œ
@startupwithmike You're the man, Mike! Thanks for your help.
@hadi_yousef ๐Ÿ™Œ
Hi Hunters, Hadi here, founder of Borsa Earnings Calls. I built Borsa because I wanted an easy way to listen to earnings calls. I got fed up with outdated, non-mobile friendly investor relations websites. So I built an app that aggregates every earnings call into one simple podcast-like app. Hereโ€™s what you can do with Borsa: - Listen to any earnings call on-demand (available for all users) - Listen to old earnings calls as well as the latest earnings call (available for all users) - Create Your Personalized Watchlist (available for all users) - Notifications: Want to be notified when one of the companies on your Watchlist has released a new earnings call? Choose to receive a notification and never miss out on an earnings call. This is a Borsa Premium feature. - Download Calls: Download any earnings call to your phone. This is a Borsa Premium feature. - Date of Earnings Call: This feature allows you to view the exact date the earnings call was released to avoid any confusion about when the call was released. This is a Borsa Premium feature. - Sort Calls: Choose how you want the calls to be ordered on the Search screen (available for all users). - Requesting A Company: Hit the "Feedback" button and let us know which companies you'd like us to add. We have thousands of earnings calls and we're adding more and more companies every day. Your request will get top priority and will be added to our app promptly. Feel free to be greedy and request as many companies as you want (we get it, you love earnings calls). (available for all users) - Share General Feedback: Have a feature request or a bug to report? Hit the "Feedback" button and let us know how we can better serve you. (available for all users) - Commuter Mode: This feature makes the media controls on the Play Screen larger for easier inputs. (available for all users) I've made a short demo video here:
With the Q1 earnings season in full swing right now, I hope this comes to you at the perfect time.
@hadi_yousef Great work Hadi and team!
@clint_tepe Thanks Clint! I appreciate you taking the time to check us out! Hope our app saves you some time and keeps you informed on the companies you care about.
@hadi_yousef Super cool. How will you make it sustainable?
@joshdance Thanks! Great question - Our plan is two-fold 1. Continue improving our existing product and continue launching high quality research/analytics tools that further leverage earnings calls. We will likely package those premium features in our Paid version of the product. 2. Continue to deepen relationship with public company investor relations departments. We're super focused on nailing the earnings call listening experience. There's still a lot more potential that we've only just starting unlocking. As we continue to make earnings calls easier to access, more and more people will realize how amazing earnings calls are. With the rise in podcast listening, earnings calls have an opportunity to increase in relevancy. This is a huge motivator for us. We want more people to have access to earnings calls so they can cut through the noise of headlines/social media and hear first-hand how companies are doing.

Great interface, easy way to listen to earnings calls.


Best way to listen to earnings calls.


None at the moment.

Such a great platform to make this content more accessible! Really intuitive UI ๐Ÿ‘
@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan! Keeping the app simple is really important to me. I wanted to make sure listening to earnings calls was as frictionless as possible. We're always getting requests to add news and other features and we really have to think long and hard about adding other information to the app. Overtime we'll see how we can make the app more helpful while maintaining the simplicity. Thanks again for checking out Borsa Earnings Calls

Glad they recently released an Android version!


Makes it dead simple to find and listen to popular earnings calls - much easier then tracking them down individually!


None so far.