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by Ben Tossell (No-coder 👉

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Hey Everyone, I'm one of the creators of Borel. We're a really simple, on-demand service for data analysis and data science. You can probably tell we're trying to evoke Magic a bit in our landing page. :) The core idea of Borel came from my time leading Monetization at Mint. We needed quick answers to fundamentally basic, but critical, data issues. Solved problems (from simple regressions to predictive LTV models) could be thorns in our sides, and my team often relied on me to run data through a quick API or R/Python package. There are really amazing resources like Causal Impact or Textual Analysis, that were always a bit out of reach for many marketers and product folks. Hopefully, Borel can close that gap for now, and later broaden the relevance of these resources. :) Tell us you came from Product Hunt for extra fast service! We're getting a bunch of inquiries, and really looking forward to your requests/questions. We're also sorting through open questions on our end, and would love your input on pricing, features, etc.. George