An app that tells you random s**t to do if you're bored

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 17, 2019

Boredaf is a chatbot can tell you a cool thing to do.

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Feature request: Please add keyboard shortcut Y and N. Bored me does not want to put effort and move my mouse πŸ˜›
@sahildave1991 Thats a Boredaf (Cool) idea you got there! πŸ˜„
@sahildave1991 Makes sense and sure will!
@sahildave1991 this was done 🎊
congrats for your lunchπŸŽ‰, unique design and good reminders
Amazing chat bot! I just tried it! FIRST!!!! hehe. Love it
πŸ‘‹ I had no idea I was on product hunt until I saw it on my new tab thingy! This is so awesome! Thank you for hunting down this We made this on the weekend as one if those useless projects and I am really happy people finding amusing! Just added 50 more things that were submitted by awesome people!

Its cool! Made by an awesome developer!


Reminds of things that don't come to your mind too often


Can be distracting at times