Free great looking themes for Bootstrap

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Thomas H. Park
Designer & Developer
Cool to see Bootswatch featured on Product Hunt! I'm the main author (though I get a bunch of help from the community in the form of bug reports and patches). This started as a weekend project to demonstrate the themeability of Bootstrap and grew into a resource meant to be useful to and used by other developers. Happy to answer any questions.
Kevin DavisProduct Leader
@thomashpark thanks for your work on this! :-)
Ali R. Tariq
Product Designer, Axonify
Nice to see more free templates for Bootstrap. I think these ones would be particularly well-suited for hackathons and rapid prototypes. There's a neat looking API too to integrate with any existing platforms you may be using.
Ross Currie
Founder, Brutal TearDowns
Pretty cool - neat to see the different ways you can skin Bootstrap. Can't wait until there are more premium themes available for free, though they seem to be popping up.
Mehedi Sharif Head Of Ideas,Themefisher
Hey Thomas, Congrats for being hunted in product hunt. We have been watching for your products from the beginning and I am very excited to see you here. Congrats from themefisher team