Bootstrap Tour

Add a tour to your site - it's open source, too ;)

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Thanks for sharing @grmeyer! I built the first version in one evening to scratch my own itch (there were very few similar project at the time and they were not customizable), then it became my first popular open source project. :)nnIt's great to see thousands of developers and websites and apps using it. A very rewarding experience. :) I'm planning a bigger project on top of it that'll target non-developers but, as always, time is an issue.
@sorich87 - thanks for the note - I've been looking at other similar tools like and - would like to balance the need to explain with the need to show. How do you manage the content in Bootstrap Tour so that it's easy to keep up to date, or is it currently just updated on each page?
@grmeyer Yes, it's updated on each page. In addition, if the selector of the element it points to changes and it can't find that element anymore, there are option to define its behavior. E.g. You can choose to display the current step as an orphan/modal-like popover.
I'm starting to see this on more and more websites. Congrats @sorich87!