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@mdo @fat where do you see css going in the next 2 years? Related to this - what's your opinion about CSS Modules? Do you think it's realistic that bootstrap will provide "best practices" on how to use twbs w/ css modules?
@andreasklinger Hey Adreas - good questions! CSS modules are super interesting, although still in their infancy. With bootstrap (as you can image) we have to be super careful about the different technologies we decide to integrate - where to make bets and when to go with the "tried and true" approaches. That said, we're keeping a very close eye on that work as well as react styles and a few other interesting projects in that space. As far as the next few years are concerned, your guess is probably as good as mine :) I think as people continue to push CSS to it's limit - building crazier and crazier systems - we'll continue to see more and more interesting solutions to problems. I do think in particular that we'll continue to see people pushing the idea of "components" or "modules" further - particularly as people begin writing modules in es6 - i think they will become even more frustrated by the lack of CSS packaging and many of the pitfalls of the language
spot on feedback - thanks @fat :)