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#5 Product of the DayMarch 06, 2018

Bootstrap Logos is a stock logo store for builders, makers, and people with big dreams but small budgets. When purchasing a logo you will receive PNG, AI, EPS, and PDF files. Update the colors in Illustrator, sketch, or any other vector design software.

Logos are $10. These logos are non-exclusive (stock).

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Very nice! Straight to the point without frills. Affordable pricing and sweet logos.
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@duiker101 Thanks so much πŸ™
@calloutcreative are more logos going to be added with time?
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@duiker101 That is the plan.
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These are great, and actually I was about to buy one to use on however I noticed that they are not exclusive. It seems difficult to get past that when wanting to purchase a logo for a business.
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@johnny_boufarhat Thank for the feedback! I launched initially with a higher price point as exclusive logos but the feedback was that most people felt it was too much for a "off the shelf" logo. I wanted to help people who are just starting out. If their business grows hopefully they will come back for a custom logo. If you want you can reach out and tell me which logo you wanted. It may not have been purchased yet and if you wanted you could purchase exclusive rights for a higher fee. Thanks!
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@johnny_boufarhat @calloutcreative Do you do any licensing? Could mention that. Also fix some misspellings in the copy :)
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Great job!! Expecting more stuff from this logo app or website 😊
Love the sleek look of these!
Awesome idea! I like that the logos are affordable so anyone has access to them, & they look pretty cool as well :)