A powerful Bootstrap theme builder

#1 Product of the DayDecember 30, 2017 is a web app to create custom Bootstrap themes and export them to a SASS variables file or a brand new Bootstrap build. Enjoy inline code editor, Sketch-like color picker, +/- buttons for unit variables, SASS variables typeahead and Google fonts integration. Open Source!

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Oleg Berman
Oleg BermanMaker@oleg_berman
Hi Product Hunt! I am the developer of - I built this tool for myself but now I would like to share it with the world. All feedback is welcome!
Amitava Saha
Amitava Saha@amitava82 · Full-stack JS developer
This is something I've been looking for a long time. Saves lot of time trying to setup and customise bs4 theme. One little issue: spent 10 min trying figure out how to change button text color.
Zaid Daba'een
Zaid Daba'een@zaid_daba_een1
@amitava82 I didn't have the same issue as you. I clicked on Buttons, then was like.. ah primary color... so went to colors and found Primary. But I agree that there should be some kind of tutorial about what to expect and how things work.
Aaron Franco
Aaron Franco@aaron_gerard_franco · Award-winning Technology Executive
awesome! perfect for hackathons :)
Herman Starikov
Herman Starikov@hermanhasawish · Dev 𐄁 Maker 𐄁 Toronto
Thanks @berman, I will give it a try in my next bootstrap project. Bookmarked 👍
Gijo Varghese
Gijo Varghese@gijo_varghese · Co-founder & CTO - MFY
I was waiting for some to build this tool for Bootstrap 4. It's awesome! Great work. I'll give you my detailed feedback after using it in my next project :)