Built with the newest Bootstrap 4 and maintained in famous Google’s Material Design style. Our stash includes templates for:

- Landing pages

- Admin dashboards

- Blogs

- Portfolios

- E-commerce websites

- Software agencies

and many more…

Provided tutorials and detailed documentation for 400+ available material UI elements.

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Hi PH 👋 Filip from MDB team here thanks for the appreciation. Thanks @chrismessina In recent weeks we observed our GitHub repository skyrocketing! https://github.com/mdbootstrap/b... That’s why we decided to go for it and give the community as much as we can. Today we're happy to announce that at MDBootstrap we’ve released almost all our resources as an open source. It’s a big thank you to all contributors and supporters. We’ve already been trusted by over 500 000 developers and designers. We work hard every day to earn that trust and we feel honored with every new user, doesn’t matter if it’s some student from India or official webdev in NASA. We’re thankful for every message we get, every like, star on GitHub and every “Great job!” email. So once again THANK YOU ALL! We hope you’d enjoy those beautiful free templates collection. It’s a variety of themes dedicated to Admins, SAAS agencies, E-commerce shops, Bloggers, Developers and many more. Each feature and component is prepared to meet the highest design standards combining the functionality of Bootstrap and the esthetics of Google’s Material Design. Feel free to check them out and let us know what you think! Cheers!
@chrismessina @filip_kappa Such a great resource! Thank you for your painstaking efforts in putting this together and sharing it with the Product Hunt community.
@nxtitan thanks, We're glad you find it useful !
This is such a comprehensive collection, how did you source all the materials and work as a team to create the documentation? @dawidadach @mtkrawczyk @bfszymanski @mattonit_pl @filip_kappa
@dawidadach @mtkrawczyk @bfszymanski @mattonit_pl @abadesi Thanks for appreciation :D at MDB we're experienced in delivering solutions for web developers and this repository is a cumulation of years of working. At this point, we've been trusted by over 500 000 developers and companies like Ikea, Nike or even NASA but we had to get here step by step, hundreds of fixed issues, months of coding but primarily motivated team with a desire to create great design!
Wow! Thanks for making this available. Last time I checked there were no good templates. I bet this will come in handy for the next web site I build.
@pupeno thanks for the nice words, I hope it will help you to create plenty of amazing projects :)
This is a great resource, a great reference if you're Bootstrap user like moi!
@elbahnasy thanks, we're happy to hear that!
such a great product, ive bought the pro version of the jquery kit, and worth every penny