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Ladies and gentlemen, I'm the guy behind Bootsnipp. Feel free to ask me questions about the site or provide any feedback you might have. Also if you're curious about the story of the site, check it out on my blog: Thanks for using the site!
@msurguy Good read - founding CrowdLoot was a bit like that. I was seized by an idea and had to make it happen :) Looks like it's been two years since you launched, any update on the journey? Has traffic gone up? Have you been able to monetise? Anything else worth sharing?
@rossdcurrie @msurguy the traffic has been steadily increasing seeing more than 10,000 people on the site every day now. There are a few monetization strategies implemented: ads and affiliate links for templates. The site has been immensely rewarding not just in terms of money but showing me and others what could be done with Bootstrap and a few lines of CSS or JS, users constantly submit amazing snippets and this sharing economy makes everyone happy. Currently I am in process of redesigning the site but the focus will always remain on the snippets while providing other resources as well.
@msurguy @rossdcurrie @msurguy That's great! I browsed through all 50 pages and saved about 12 snippets I'll be using as I rebuild the CrowdLoot design. Pretty useful stuff :)
So glad to hear :) Enjoy!
@msurguy Gearing up for CrowdLoot 3.0 and I once again find myself back at bootsnipp :D
Great reference site @msurguy
Yes, and yes again... I was looking for this EXACT thing last night. Perfect timing :D
@rossdcurrie thanks! Glad you were looking for something like this! Enjoy!