A blogging platform for programmers.

Hi all 👋

Our team has been developing the open source project called Boostnote over 2 years.

It made us realize how great developer community is. We would like to make the our developer community more expansion.

Boostlog is Medium for programmers in a word. It enables you to write the programming blog with Markdown format.


  • Gabriel
    GabrielCEO at

    good idea


    that typeface

    Change the font, please change the font

    Gabriel has used this product for one day.
  • Manuel
    ManuelAnother regular

    looking good


    but not responsive

    it's looking good, but the social icons and paddings get messed up when visited on a smaller screen / mobile

    Manuel has never used this product.
Oh, it's really easy to use! Thanks!
@sirditov Thanks Ivan! We are glad to hear your voice!
Nice idea, congrats on launching! Really clean UI, text is a bit difficult to read though. Since the reading experience is essential to such a blogging platform you should work on improving that a little. An easy fix would be the use of a cleaner font and an increase in the paragraph line-height: Current: With changes (font's a bit too light here): Another idea: The code snippets could receive some additional functionality, e.g. copy to clipboard button. Happy to provide further input and ideas on the UI/UX if that is welcome 😊
@emilkabisch Cool! Thank you for your suggestion Emil 😎Could you tell me how you changed css? First we will improve the following markdown preview soon. - Font size - Font family - twitter card - youtube thumbnail - Link card Thank you again!
@kazup_bot sorry I missed your reply. I simply increased the line-height a bit and changed the font to San Francisco (Roboto is a great Google Font alternative), but I saw you implemented the feedback already 😊 Good luck! I'll make sure to check out your progress from time to time.
It's hard to say for sure since there doesn't seem to be much in the way of documentation, but it looks like there's no support for mathematical equations (MathJAX or KaTex). If so, then darn; it looks great otherwise, but (just speaking for me) that's a blocker.
@stephen_thomas Hi Stephen, thank you for your feedback! Yeah the mathematical support is important feature as you said. Markdown rendering is still buggy, we will improve it at sometime soon.
Simple design, easy signup, and useful articles. Thanks guys for sharing this.
@olegkramarenko Thank you for trying Oleg. If you have feature requests, please feel free to talk to me :)
This is awesome! It was super easy to use :)
@ytk141 Hey Yutaka, thank you for your continuous support always! Why don't we have a drink sometime soon?🍻