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Boostinsider Social SaaS is the ultimate solution for your influencer marketing campaigns. It allows you to type any keywords and search for most relevant influencers for your product. You can also learn about influencers' market price, channel performance, brand mentions, audience demographics and more! And Yes, it comes with a free plan as well!

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HeidiMakerHiring@heidihanyu · CEO,
Hello! I’m Heidi, the CEO and founder of Boostinsider. Thank you so much for your continue supporting us. Today we are proudly launching Social SaaS on Product Hunt. Social SaaS is our core product, which is designed to be your ultimate solution for your influencer marketing. This is the very first version which highlighted the advanced search engine function to allow you to type any keywords and search for best influencers for your product. You can also learn about social influencers from data analytics including influencer market price, channel performance, brand mentions, audience demographics and more! Our team works very hard for this launch, and would love to contribute to your successful influencer marketing campaigns! Please let us know if you like it and what we can improve. :D
Kyle Richey
Kyle Richey@imakestrides · CEO,
@heidihanyu Looks cool Heidi. It’d be awesome if you let us search without having to sign up first. Maybe you could do something similar to Moz & BuzzSumo and only display a certain number of results, then require a signup to see the rest? Or, since you have a free plan, you could allow the same results to be shown to a visitor that’s not signed in, but force a signup to act on any of the data? Either might increase the conversion rate. Good luck with it!
HeidiMakerHiring@heidihanyu · CEO,
@imakestrides Kyle, Thank you so much for the suggestions! We will look into that shortly and will let you know ~
This is our youtube version. I believe we are the largest youtube network that has all machine learned demographics data. Our instagram data is also coming out soon! Welcome any feedback!
Safiyyah Abdul-Khabir
Safiyyah Abdul-Khabir@safiyyahabdulkhabir · I do marketing for good causes
Very cool! Congrats on the launch!
RockMakerHiring@360rockzhang · PM
@safiyyahabdulkhabir Thank you very much!
Nitesh Manav
Nitesh Manav@niteshmanav · Just google : Nitesh Manav
Logged in and checked a few things. It's nice tool. :) One thing- I checked with filter and without all filters but couldn't find India's one of the most popular YouTube channel called 'The Viral Fever' ( Link: ) anywhere. It has 2.9M+ followers. why isn't it indexed yet? Thanks.
@niteshmanav It is actually indexed in our system: However, its demographics calculation failed last time and we hide all such cases from our social SaaS. Once next calculation catches up, it will show up in Social SaaS.
Clayton Parker
Clayton Parker@unclejessy4real · Youtuber | 3D Printing | Influencer
Very interesting. As a youtuber/influencer I'd love to know how we might be able to better get noticed on your site. Overall it's a very clean and straight forward experience... great job!