Booster Fuels

On-demand fuel service while you work

LOVE BOOSTER... Wish i had it in my neighborhood
My personal thoughts are that the parking apps (Luxe, Zirx etc) are best placed to offer these auxiliary services such as car washing and refilling your gas, as added extras.
@_jacksmith agreed! would be a good model for them to package it. Can easily hook users into purchasing Y after originally just wanting to get X
@_jacksmith augmented layering of services is a great play option here --- much like Uber being the king of layering on whatever it can - this could be very useful for people --- just curious about the convenience factor with gas stations everywhere and cars becoming more and more fuel efficient + electric cars --- will be interesting to see how this is adopted.
Until my car will drive itself to refuel, this seems likes something that makes a lot of sense. I shouldn't have to spend any time worrying about the gas in my tank if the price point is effectively the same. I don't even want to have to hit a button to request a refill. I'd just like it to magically appear when the car has less than a certain amount.
Any plans on a mobile EV charger?
I think this is brilliant! Gas stations suck.