A mobile version of QVC for millennials

Hello Product Hunt! I’m Michael Stevens, the CEO and founder of Booster. It’s an absolute pleasure to have our app posted for you all, and I’m excited to receive your feedback about our efforts :) Booster is a free mobile app that uniquely blends live video with e-commerce. Think of us as the mobile version of QVC, geared specifically towards millennials. Sellers can quickly and easily upload their inventory, and then go live to sell items to their viewers during broadcasts (products can also be sold from user profiles or during replays). Viewers can submit questions/comments, and can also send stars when “liking” the broadcast. Special animations display each time a purchase is made, allowing broadcasters to thank the buyers in real time. Our team of ten is based out of beautiful Charleston, SC, and we’re currently working on an Android version that will be available in the near future. Please feel free to ask any questions and I’ll happily respond. Thank you!
@michael_stevens Inspired platform - so much potential! Not getting the mobile QVC analogy though. Who do you see populating the sell-side of the marketplace?
@kkdub Thank you for your question, Kelly :) Our initial target users on the seller-side are independent sellers, such as Etsy-style sellers, direct sales representatives, fitness instructors, makeup artists, etc. The app allows sellers to go live, demonstrate their products, interact with their viewers, and make sales at the same time. This is a similar format to QVC, only Booster allows anyone to have their own "channel", so to speak.
@michael_stevens Is there an ability to an external live video encoder ? to increase the production quality? would blend it perfectly with e-commerce
@brucekraftjr Thank you for your question, Bruce! So we don't have that available at this time, but we definitely want to venture down the external video encoder route in the near future. Having production-style quality would certainly be a nice supplement.
I've had the pleasure of seeing Michael and his team grow since we met about 6 months ago. I absolutely love what they're building and see necessity for something like this in the space. Great job guys!
@boymeetscode Thank you, Parker!
hahah if you want to appeal to the kids, and millennials, maybe don't reference QVC, just a suggestion..
@koridhandy haha Definitely a noteworthy suggestion, although I figured the audience here was a solid mix of generations.
Reminds me of Busker but with a stronger slant to the e-commerce side. Definitely agree with the Amazon and periscope analogy vs QVC. I'm a millennial here with a master's in entrepreneurship and it took a while to grasp the analogy.
@tese_omesan Thank you for your thoughts, Tese! Yeah evidently we'll have to refine our analogies a bit haha Definitely appreciate you checking us out!
Interesting concept! I had never heard of QVC though so I was pretty lost on the analogy.
@alexwhitedev Ah, sorry about that! Perhaps a better analogy would be "if Periscope and Amazon got together and had a baby" :)