Boosted boards

The most powerful electric skateboard for the last mile.

The Boosted board is designed from the ground up to drastically improve the urban transportation experience. Now with extended range.

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@_DanFriedman let me give his Boosted Board a test run at the Product Hunt Hackathon. I've never been a skateboarder but this feels very different. I'm tempted to buy one.
@rrhoover @_DanFriedman In what ways does it feel different?
@nikkielizdemere @rrhoover my Boosted board takes me 20mph and up the steep hills of SF. I use it to commute to work everyday in conjunction with the Caltrain. It's easy to carry it onboard and off. Skateboards are ideally for tricks and recreation. But I encourage people to buy the Boosted board to improve their urban commute - reduce time commuting and possible $ from driving or Ubers.
@_DanFriedman has been working extremely hard with Boosted, and it's finally paid off. Of the several times I've tried it, I've always come close to purchasing it, but was always deterred by the price - until now. If you're like me and use a ton of Lyft / Uber, Boosted easily pays for itself in two months time.
Boosted Boards are going to disrupt walking forever.
Thank you all for the support. We're excited about the new models and price. Let me know if you have any questions.
@_DanFriedman thanks for sharing. I've been commuting to work on my 'me' powered skateboard for the past few months, and with each passing week my desire to purchase a Boosted increases exponentially. @mattdtran Biggest issue for me has been justifying the expense on something I can realistically only use for commuting to and from work (I have two young children so other than running quick errands, I don't imagine getting much usage outside of my commute). The new models + pricing make things much more interesting. The Boosted single looks like it could be a great option...but I'm 6'2" just under 200lbs. Should that factor into the model that will work / perform best for me? Additionally - any events planned in SF / Bay Area where all 3 models will be available to demo? Congrats on the new models and wish the Boosted team continued success!
@justingrosch Thanks! I imagine you'll find a lot more "errands" to run if you get a Boosted board :-) We'll be at the Startup and Tech Mixer at the W hotel next Friday evening (11/14), We'll definitely have the Dual and Dual+, and we will likely have a prototype of the Single. Given what you told me, I would recommend the Dual or Dual+, you will have a better experience riding around the SF hills. You could do the Single, if you stay more on the flatlands.
@mattdtran appreciate the recommendation. I can definitely make a stronger argument if you guys add on a stroller attachment option! (maybe a partnership opp with these guys ?!?! :) Will there be an opportunity to ride the demo boards at the event? Do you have to sign a waiver before heading up 3rd St?
@justingrosch @mattdtran Of course you can demo the boards at the event! We may have people demoing sign waivers to reduce liability on the event organizers.
Love my board, bought it back at the $2k price point and still worth every penny. I just wish I could do the software upgrade right now by myself... For those of you thinking this only works for light/small people, I am 6'9'' 290 pounds and it works great, super fast, and in San Diego!