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Boooom is a job board for design management and leadership opportunities. With hundreds of job offers from top companies in 25+ countries, our mission is to connect great design leaders with high profile opportunities, in a hand-picked list of organizations.
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Hi everyone! 👋 Design is key to the success of any kind of organization, with companies small and large investing heavily in their design functions. Several studies are clear about the business impact and return on investment of design, and how design management and leadership are key to enable that. Although its increasingly importance, throughout my experience I came to realise that there isn’t a good place to find leadership and management-level job opportunities for designers, and that I’m not alone. That’s why we created Boooom: to help great design leaders find high profile opportunities in awesome companies. We’d appreciate your feedback and support! 🙌 Thanks! 🙏
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As a Sr Designer, I just want to say this site is fantastic. Beautifully designed and packed with awesome opportunities. I just started a new job about a year ago or I would be all over this site! Great job, no pun intended!!
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@youngfonz Thank you so much for you kind words. 🙏
Great, relevant, useful. Thanks, @tiagomachado
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Really cool, beautifully designed and straight to the point. A niche that needed to be filled... not anymore. :)
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Oh I feel I will need this soon :D
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@laura_trouiller Level up! 😊
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