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Congrats on getting on PH!
Interesting idea, I'm wondering how it will compete with others over time.
@csaba_kissi thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing how we compete as well. We carved out a niche in the freelance space and I'm hoping that serves us our community well.
I love the simple, clear propositions on the landing pages for buyers and students. Lays out the problem clearly. Great job - I wish you much success.
Interesting concept. When I was at Uni we regularly had companies requesting us for work, but the rates were very low. They basically wanted a student because it was considerably cheaper than a freelancer. Do you offer students comparable rates? It's easy enough for students to just use freelancing platforms if you aren't competitive on rates that lead to clients.
Thanks for comment, @theashtube. Clients are able to set their own rate per project and students can choose to apply to work on any project they are willing and able to work on.
@acalabrese83 thanks for your reply Antonio. That all makes sense. I wish you the best with this venture!