Boon + Gable

Personal stylist to your home with 20 hand-picked items.

Hi! I'm Nicole - I'm a co-founder and the COO of Boon+Gable! I'm happy to answer any questions you all have about us! And if no questions, please upvote us :)
@the_nicole_chiu Congrats Nicole!! Product looks great and service has a clear benefit.
@jmrushworth Thanks! You should try it :)
@the_nicole_chiu just downloaded and signed up. Get me off the wait list!
@the_nicole_chiu Congrats Nicole! When are you guys coming to Seattle
Boon + Gable is a mobile app that lets you skip straight to the best parts of shopping and get style ordered in. Fill out a fun profile and Boon + Gable will hand pick 20 items for you and bring them to your home. Just give us an hour. Pay for what you keep. Forget about the rest. Saving time is always in fashion. #styleorderedin
I'm excited to try this, thrilled to see you on Product Hunt!
Congrats Gil, Diane, and Nicole on the launch. This definitely sounds like something my wife could get behind as a busy working mom.
@ashbhoopathy - Thanks, Ash! I bet your wife would love it - she'd probably love it even more if you got her a gift card to use during her first visit ;)